“I write to discover what I know.”

~Flannery O’Connor~

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The Bible Thief

I usually returned home for the summer, but this year was different.  The spring semester had ended, commencement had commenced and concluded with the graduates now headed off into what ever awaited them post college.  People brought together for a brief period of their lives to be scattered once more on the winds of change… Continue Reading →

Jean Valjean, the Bishop, and Agape Love

Les Misérables…where to start?  In my personal opinion, when Victor Hugo penned this story, he wrote one of the greatest stories ever told.  I could write essay upon essay based off of this story alone because it is so rich.  Recently though, I was listening to the soundtrack for the musical and was struck afresh… Continue Reading →

New England Road Trip: Volume ll

Next up on my New England adventure: the White Mountains of New Hampshire! In my previous N.E. post I took you to the banks of Lake George in New York State, this story came after my stay in New Hampshire. In both locations I was dispersed camping with NH being my first ever experience doing… Continue Reading →

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